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Yes that's right! 50 different varieties of Lindt individually wrapped products available all in one bag! This will make the perfect gift for any friend or loved one at Christmas, or any other time of year! It'll provide a real WOW factor!

Available as a simple 50 with one of everything... or up to 200 with 4 of everything!

The bags will contain all of the following products...

Lindt Lindor

1) Milk Chocolate

2) White Chocolate

3) 60% Dark Chocolate

4) Caramel

5) Milk Chocolate Mint

6) Stracciatella

7) Coconut

8) Milk Orange

9) Strawberries & Cream

10) Hazelnut

11) Almond

12) Milk & White (Combined)

13) Champagne

14) Neapolitan

15) Dulce de Leche

16) Sea Salt Milk Chocolate

17) Citrus

18) Milk Salted Caramel
19) Fudge Swirl

20) White Peppermint

21) 70% Dark Chocolate

22) Peppermint Cookie

23) Dark Strawberry

24) 39% Dark Chocolate

25) Dark Salted Caramel

26) Butter Pecan

27) Cappuccino

28) Mangoes & Cream

29) Gingerbread

30) Pistachio

31) Matcha

Other Lindt Products Included

32) Noccio Cafe

33) Lindt Lindor Heart

34) Nocciolatte (Whole Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Ball)

35) Noccionoir (Whole Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Ball)

36) Lindt Hello Mini Strawberry Cheesecake

37) Lindt Hello Mini Caramel Brownie

38) Lindt Hello Mini Cookies & Cream

39) Lindt Hello Mini Crunchy Nougat

40) Lindt Latte Baton

41) Lindt Doppio Latte Baton

42) Lindt Crispy Milk Chocolate Baton

43) Lindt Creation Choc De Luxe

44) Lindt Creation Baked Apple

45) Lindt Cappuccino Fioretto

46) Lindt Marzipan Fioretto

47) Lindt Hazelnut Fioretto

48) Lindt Zabaione Fioretto

49) Lindt Kirsch Baton
50) Lindt Roulette Crispy Latte

Ingredients & Allergens: You can view the details for each of the varieties included in this bag on the relevant product page.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly if you have any questions.

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