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Chocolate Gifts for Easter

Treat yourself, your friends and your family to a gift of luxury Chocolate this Easter.

It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate and the tradition of giving eggs at Easter goes way back to the early 19th century.

Eggs have long been associated with the Christian festival of Easter as being a symbol of fertility, rebirth and the beginning of life and were usually hen or duck eggs, decorated in bright colours, often with flowers.

By the end of the 19th century the first chocolate hollow eggs were produced; decorated on the outside, the earliest Easter eggs were made of dark chocolate and filled with smaller sweets.

Here at the Chocolate Emprorium we have a fabulous range of luxury chocolate Easter treats from Lindt, Ghirardelli, Monty Bojangles and a range of quirky Chocolate Easter Eggs from the Chocolate Smiths – the people that brought you the ever-popular Bizarre Bars!

Happy Easter from Lindt!

We have just taken delivery of four NEW Tempting Flavours from Lindt Lindor to help you celebrate Easter - all imported from the USA and exclusive to The Chocolate Emporium!

The Chocolate Emporium: NEW Lindt Lindor Flavours - Neapolitan, Dark Strawberry, Dulce de Leche, Matcha, Dulce de Leche Lindor – a deliciously smooth milk chocolate with the creamy flavours of caramel and sweet milk.  
For those who prefer white chocolate, we have a sophisticated new selection – Matcha Lindor, with the subtle flavours of Matcha tea and a delicious Neapolitan Lindor Strawberry,Chocolate and Vanilla White Chocolate.

There's also a a new dark chocolate Lindt Lindor with a smooth fruity strawberry filling. Recently launched for Valentines Day, this flavour is strictly limited edition!  These new flavours are all imported from the USA and not otherwise available in UK shops.


Easter Egg Gifts from Lindt

Two awesome Lindt Easter Egg Gift Boxes, all individually wrapped eggs, filled with delicious flavours from classic milk chocolate mousse to the decadence of Kirsch liqueur (see online for full list of flavours).  

Choose from Five Varieties (16 Eggs) or Three Varieties of decadent Lindt Liqueur Easter Eggs (12 Eggs)

These luscious gift boxes are all imported from Germany, so not otherwise available in the UK! 

Lindt Lindor Ultimate Collection

For the more adventurous, a fabulous collection of 50 different Lindt varieties of individually wrapped chocolates including Milk, White, and Dark chocolate flavours from the Lindor, Fioretto, Hello and Creation ranges, all brought together in one bag of loveliness!


Chocolate Smiths Easter Egg Boxes

From the people that brought you the ever popular Bizarre Bars, these seasonal solid and filled chocolate Easter Eggs are presented in a traditional egg box, individually wrapped and handmade to perfection!

Choose from 5 different boxes, each filled with 6 individually wrapped chocolate eggs.

Billionaire’s Easter Eggs. Salted caramel and chocolate filled eggs; one half white chocolate filled with gooey milk and dark chocolate filling the other half with salted caramel and shortbread. 

Ultimate Easter Eggs. 6 solid milk chocolate eggs with honeycomb, fudge, popping candy and marshmallow, individually wrapped and perfect for sharing (you might be tempted to eat them all yourself though)!  Toffee & Mallow Easter Eggs.  Thick and creamy toffee in one half which is white chocolate and handmade marshmallow fluff wrapped up in milk chocolate in the other!  Heavenly!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Easter Eggs. Milk chocolate eggs filled with smooth peanut Butter and juicy raspberry jelly! Perfect for any peanut butter lover.  Custard Easter Eggs.  Back by popular demand, these white chocolate eggs are filled with a runny custard flavoured filling. . .  yummy!

Pix & Mix your own choice of Easter Treats

The Chocolate Emporium: Luxury Chocolate Pick&Mix Collection

Head over to our exclusive Pick & Mix Collection and choose your own selection of from our extensive range of individually wrapped Easter Eggs from Lindt.

And making a return appearance this year, don’t forget to add the ever popular Mini Lindt Milk Bunnies!

You can also add a gift message for that extra personal touch.


Gift Wrapping Service

Our luxury chocolate Pick & Mix collection and single flavour selections are wrapped in ribboned cellophane bags as standard.  You will also be given the option to add a personalised message, once you have selected your gift-wrapping, which we will add to your order once you have made your chocolate choices.

Stay connected for news of even more ranges of luxury chocolates; check out our Facebook page, sign up to our newsletter or just click onto our online shop and get picking and mixing your favourites for Mother's Day. . . 

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