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What Makes Chocolate the Perfect Christmas Gift?

The short answer is because everybody loves chocolate, right?

The long answer has many reasons; some steeped in tradition tracing back to the middle ages others relate it back to science, specifically a unique chemical aroma that our brains love – the rich chocolaty smells combined with the sweet smooth taste helps us to recapture happy memories.

So, when did we start giving chocolate gifts at Christmas? 

The Chocolate Emporium Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate DrinkChocolate has been given as a gift for many centuries.  A tradition that dates back to ancient times when the Aztecs presented cups of chocolate drink to their royalty, warriors and explorers.  Their belief was that the cacao beans used to make chocolate, were a gift from their gods.  Hence the saying ‘chocolate is the food of the Gods’.

During this period, chocolate was also considered an aphrodisiac.  It is said that Emperor Montezuma consumed several cups of chocolate a day to sustain his masculinity.

Casanova supposedly called chocolate the ‘elixir of love’ and drank it instead of Champagne and it was during this period, nuns were believed to have been forbidden to eat or drink chocolate for fear of the consequences!

The Chocolate Emporium: Boxed Christmas Chocolates exclusively available in the UKDuring the 1900s, Queen Victoria gave chocolate gifts to soldiers as Christmas presents – a trend quickly adopted by Europeans and the rest of the world.  In more recent times, chocolate has become the go to celebration gift; something you give to someone very special. 






The Chocolate Emporium Christmas Gift Ideas

What's in store for you this Christmas at The Chocolate Emporium?

Here at The Chocolate Emporium we understand the importance of getting your Christmas Chocolate Gift absolutely spot on and we have the perfect chocolate gift to meet even the toughest of expectations!

Exclusive Lindt Advent Calendars

Whether you are religious or just happy it's the festive season, opening a little numbered door to reveal a delicious treat is still the best way to enjoy each day in December in the run-up to Christmas Day, especially if it reveals 24 different flavoured Lindt Lindor chocolates!


The Chocolate Emporium Exclusive Lindt Advent CalendarNew for 2019. This year, in addition to the traditional Christmas Shops and Christmas Park designs, The Chocolate Emporium has added a stylish 'Glitter Circle' design Advent Calendar, decorated with cool silver and gold glitter effect for you to choose from. 

All our Advent Calendars are lovingly put together by hand and contain a different flavour Lindt Lindor truffle behind every door

Boxed Chocolate Gifts from Lindt

For those people in your life who are deadly serious about chocolate, checkout our new range of festive chocolate gifts

Crafted by the finest chocolatiers at Lindt, you can choose from a range of different boxed chocolate gifts, each box providing a unique taste sensation wrapped up in the velvety heaven of Lindt Chocolate Flavours.

The Chocolate Emporium Lindt Christmas Magic Gift BoxCheck out the Lindt Christmas Magic Gift Box, filled with a mixture of chocolates made with Alpine milk chocolate.  Or, treat someone to a fantastic feast of Lindt Gold Pieces Pralines brimming with a mix of luxurious festive flavours!

If it’s Classic Lindt you’re after, the Lindt Christmas Minis Gift Box boasts 18 individually wrapped, festive flavoured milk chocolates.

Lindt Selection Gift Bags and Boxes

Chocolatiers, Rowntree's and Cadbury pioneered the early selection boxes, which were saved for by way of a Christmas club over many months, to be collected around Christmas time.

Today the selection box as we know it has become a staple Christmas chocolate gift.

The Chocolate Emporium Lindt Christmas Marzipan Selection Gift BoxOur Lindt Christmas Marzipan Selection box has been especially imported from Germany; in the shape of a Christmas tree it contains 3 different tempting flavours of chocolate covered marzipan.

We also have a fabulous range of Assorted Lindt Selection bags with a choice of varieties of delicious Lindt Lindor truffles - many of the varieties are imported from the USA and otherwise cannot be found in UK shops!

NEW! Lindt Christmas Flavours

A new Christmas Lindt range of luxurious dark Lindt chocolate liqueur bottles, filled with a choice of tempting liqueurs are deliciously decadent and will definitely hit the spot this Christmas!  Available on their own in packs of single flavours, including Apricot Brandy, Kirsch and Cognac, or as part of our Chocolate Pick and Mix Collection.

The Chocolate Emporium New! Lindt Hello Christmas Peppermint Candy BarWe also have a new Hello Peppermint Candy Bar arrived this year – a rich dark chocolate with a smooth white peppermint centre – imported from Europe and not otherwise available in the UK – Hurry these are flying off the shelves!

Festive Gift Wrapping

If you want to make up a truly personal gift, don’t forget our luxury chocolate Pick & Mix Collection where you can create your own selection from our huge range of Lindt, Ghiradelli, Godiva, Monty Bojangles and Bizarre Bars, all wrapped in ribboned cellophane bags as standard, with an option to add a personalised message, once you have selected your gift-wrapping.

The Chocolate Emporium Christmas Chocolate Gift Wrapping ServiceWe also have a range of stylish gift boxes to impress someone this Christmas, including this splendid festive design; available in a variety of sizes depending on the item or quantity you pick. (If you don't get the option to choose a gift box at checkout, because it isn't available for that particular item or quantity of chocolates, your order will be wrapped as standard in ribboned cellophane bags.*)

*We can only gift box up to 50 chocolates currently, so these gift box options are not available on Pick & Mix selections above that number.

Stay connected for news of even more ranges of luxury chocolates; check out our Facebook page, sign up to our newsletter or just click onto our online shop and get picking and mixing your favourites for Christmas. . . 


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